Convert Indoor Skills to Outdoor Rock

Competent indoor climber? We will quickly get you into the outdoor climbing, allowing you to apply your knowledge of belaying and tying in.  You will be able to climb on a range of different outdoor crags and rock types at grades that suit your ability. We will coach the necessary climbing techniques for each and develop you movement on rock.

• Straight onto climbing real rock

• Try varied rock types at your choice of grade

• Coaching in movement and technique

• Introduction to use gear and outdoor ropework

• Possible to experience longer multi-pitch climbs of 50 – 200m in length

You will also get to use a range of climbing hardware , initially learning how to remove it from the rock while become a competent second, when following the instructor leading. We can teach you about anchors and gear whilst being taught how to setup your own top-ropes, belay stances. Give enough time you can choose to progress towards an outdoor lead climb, with close supervision to learn as you climb.


We will supply harness, helmet and also specialist rock boots for the course. We also have warm clothing and rucksacks should you be missing any extra items in our extensive stores. The use of kit is included in our course costs, so there are no extras.

Course Costs & Dates

We run private courses for the Introduction to Rock Climbing. Private course can be run on dates that suit you and allow us to tailor the course content for each individual.

Up to 4 people – £250 per day
Extra people at £50 per person. Best to have a maximum of 6 participants per instructor

Note ratios of 1:5 or more per instructor we would use single pitch crags and setup top ropes. If you wish to climb longer multi pitch routes the ideal ratio is 1:2 or less, though it is possible at 1:4. Extra instructors can be booked for bigger groups.

How to Book

Please either use our Contact Page or email with you preferred dates, any course aspirations and group size. A 30% deposit will be required to confirm the course once we have agreed on exact dates.