Kayaking on Rivers and Rapids

White water kayaking is an exhilarating and fun sport to participate in.  We run courses for all abilities from those who are just starting to people with many years of experience.

For all our courses we offer expert and patient coaching allowing us to tailor the course for each individual. We will concentrate on the key skills you need to learn so that you get the most out of your time on the rivers.

Based in Snowdonia, North Wales, there are many local white water rivers that provide ideal coaching venues to instruct at all grades. Autumn is an ideal time to kayak as the rivers are high from increased rainfall. We are also fortunate to have mature rivers so even in summer white water rapids can be found.
We offer private courses for all our white water options so we can really offer you a bespoke day.

Introduction to White Water

For novice kayakers with none or limited experience on white water. Coaching and running fun grade II+ rapids.

White Water Improver

For those that want to advance on to grade III+ rivers or be coached to be comfortable at this grade.

River Guiding

Be guided down any river or grade in North Wales. Let us know your experience and aspirations and we will give you an enjoyable and memorable kayaking holiday.