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Tyn y Ffridd, Deiniolen, Caernarfon. LL55 3ND



When booking please state your preferred course, an option of dates and your experience / aspirations. We will then create the perfect course for yourself. There are no minimum numbers for private courses.

All courses can be run at any time of the year.

Costs for Private Courses

For individuals or groups of 2 (ratio of 1:1 or 1:2):  £195 per day. For three or more people, please add on £15 per extra person.

Group of 10 per instructor – £315 per day. Extra instructors can be booked to keep ratios low.

Rock Climbing

At ratios of 1:5 or more per instructor we would use single pitch crags and setup top ropes. If you wish to climb longer multi pitch routes the ideal ratio is 1:2 or less, though it is possible at 1:4. Extra instructors can be booked for bigger groups.


Mountain walking courses can be run at ratios of up to 1:10, but if you wish to learn skills such as navigation, safety and hazard awareness we recommend ratios of 1:6 or less. Scrambling courses need to be 1:6 or less per instructor or 1:4 or less if you wish to be on grade 2-3 where a rope is required.


White water and sea kayaking can be run at ratios up to 1:6. For white water of grade III or more and advanced sea kayaking courses ratios of 1:4 or less are required.